Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hickam Thrift Store

 A week ago, Clifton, Owen, and I visited Hickam Thrift Store for the first time. We really wanted to visit the Airmen's Attic, but they changed the hours for sailors so that they are only open the first and last Saturday, instead of every Saturday. Since the Thrift Store was open and we were already there, we decided to take a peak.

 The Hickam Thrift Store is sponsored by the Hickam Officers' Spouses' Club. All of the proceeds go to military and local charities as well as scholarships for military dependents. It is located 540 Kuntz Avenue on Hickam AFB, next to the Kuntz Gate and the Airmen's Attic. It is open Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and the second Saturday of each month from 9 am to 1 pm. Only military active duty, reserve, guard, retirees, and their dependents can shop.

 On Saturdays there are raffles every half hour, so we got a ticket when we first walked in, but didn't win anything in the raffle. The excitement over the raffle and the clean and colorful layout make the thrift store seem more energetic and fresh compared to many other thrift stores I have shopped, which have the desperate air of the penny-pinchers.

 I didn't really need to get anything for myself or Owen, but Clifton was in need of better-fitting shorts and found some high-quality khakis for two dollars. While in the toy room seeking to amuse Owen, I found a mini-lightsaber for one dollar and you can bet your fanny I bought it.

A little Jedi.
 The great thing about thrift stores, besides the cheap prices, is that the contents are constantly changing. So the next time we visit the thrift store, and we most definitely will the next time we need something I think we could find used, we might just find something new.

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